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What are the benefits of crawl space insulation?

Insulating a crawl space helps to absorb and eliminate excess noise and reduces the amount of pests that build their homes in the area. Not only can trying to crawl across an uninsulated floor result in back and leg problems, it also makes noises that might wake up sleeping people on upper floors during late evening hours; therefore they give homeowners great relief from these inconveniences.

While this is not always necessary, insulating a crawl space with dry-wet fiberglass insulation will make the house more comfortable upstairs as well as provide safety for whatever is stored down below. If feasible, most experts recommend encapsulating ductwork; furthermore ideally they would extend insulation underneath any exterior home additions such as detached finished spaces - detached garages - screened porches - carports.

Crawl space insulation is beneficial because crawl spaces are one of the most difficult areas to insulate. In addition crawl spaces get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, leading to a high energy bill during seasons where it's hot or cold. Heat from crawl spaces can easily transfer through openings such as electrical outlets and lights making rooms above the crawl space uncomfortable during seasons when heat and air conditioning is needed in the house. This reduces cooling costs for crawl space areas which increases comfort levels in crawl space areas and significantly increases comfort levels throughout homes with crawl spaces. Colder crawlspaces can transfer into living area crawlspaces in crawlspace insulation because crawl spaces tend to be unheated areas.

Crawl space insulation is also beneficial due to the health and safety of crawl spaces. Crawlspaces that are not properly insulated and ventilated can lead to toxic air, mold growth and rotten wood which puts children and pets in danger in crawlspace encapsulation systems in crawl space insulation. When crawlspaces get very humid, moisture can cause problems such as mold, rotting wood and insect infestation which will only worsen if left untreated.

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How does crawl space insulation work?

The crawl space insulation will reduce the transmission of both warm and cold down your walls to the living areas.

The reflective barrier (normally van board) is installed on one side of the wall, and by breaking up any thermal bridge connections to the inside of the crawlspace, results in reduced power bills; reduced air conditioning costs; and reduced energy usage typically because heating systems work better due to not drawing as much airflow from beneath your house.

It's also a simple measure that can help address moisture issues found there by preventing wind or rain from splashing up under your house. Plus it can be an excellent solution for alleviating mildew smells, which often come from poorly ventilated, damp conditions such as those found in an unheated crawl space.

It's important to remember that crawl spaces that are already damp or wet, or which receive high levels of ground water, may be unsuitable for crawl space insulation. And this is because they will not dry out and crawl space insulation is not a cure; crawl space insulation is designed to prevent the problem from continually occurring again in the future. If your crawlspace has any standing water or visible signs of mold, you should contact a professional contractor who specializes in crawl space construction and waterproofing to examine and diagnose the issue before proceeding with crawl space insulating.

Dampness in floors can result from improper drainage when it rains. The minute water comes into contact with the soil under your house, it gets drawn up into crawl spaces. Some crawl spaces have dirt floors, which are naturally absorbent, so they will soak up all the water that comes in contact with them.

This is why crawl space drainage systems are designed to channel away excess moisture quickly, before it can do serious damage to your crawl space or house. And crawl space encapsulation is also another very effective solution for this problem because it prevents any further infiltration of unwelcome moisture by forming a vapor barrier between the soil and living area of your home. It's very important however to ensure you use a reputable contractor when choosing to insulate or encapsulate your crawlspace as if not done correctly these measures may potentially cause more problems than they solve.

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